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F.A.Q. - Mailbox Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My mailbox was hit by a car, can it be repaired instead of replaced?

A:  The unfortunate answer is no.  If there is any visible damage to the mailbox, the life of the mailbox has been drastically reduced.  While powder coatings are very durable, they are not “bullet proof”.  They can be chipped or cracked if struck with an object just as paint would.  Just as with paint, if a powder coating is “compromised”, moisture can penetrate to the mailbox causing rust, and this damage can spread unseen under the powder coating.

Q:  My post is cracked, is there anything you can do to repair it?

A:  Yes.  While some cracks are signs of a much bigger problem, most cracks are a naturally occurring part of the cedar.  Natural cracks can be expected.  We offer a service that will caulk the cracks and repair blemishes.  Then, we   can apply a fresh coat of paint.  Just ask us to “Caulk and Paint” your post, and leave the rest to us.  Please note that we cannot caulk and paint a rotten post, so it is always advisable to check your post for rotten wood.

Q: Is there anything I can do to make my mailbox last longer?

A:  Yes.  There are several ways to make sure your mailbox last a long time:  (1) Annually, apply a coat of car wax to the mailbox.  This will protect both the vinyl and the finish from damaging UV rays. (2) Annually, apply a small amount of silicon spray to each hinge.  This will reduce wear and combat rust.  (3) Adjust the latch to assure ease of operation.  This will prevent a heavy-handed mail person from accidentally damaging your box.

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